Missing Ruby - Seasonal Espresso Blend (Coffee Beans)

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Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

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Blueberry, plums, red dates and chocolate milk finish. First of our gemstone series, Missing Ruby is created with the intention of introducing fruitier coffee to our customers who usually prefer strong, chocolate-y and nutty flavors. While the Ethiopian beans introduces fruity flavors, it is quickly mellowed to chocolate-y and nutty flavors due to the Brazilian beans in the blend. You'll thus get to experience both ends of the flavor spectrum from this blend.

The espresso blend naming coincides with our gemstone series, where we describe the flavor profile of our espresso blends with a corresponding gemstone. Ruby is a red colored gemstone, which aptly describes the flavors of this blend.

50% Ethiopian Haru Suke
50% Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa
Roasted for espresso