Gachala - House Espresso Blend (Coffee Beans)

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Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

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Well-rounded acidity, with pleasant complexity and stonefruit sweetness. Coupled with soft nutty characteristics, and a chocolate-y finish. Named after a town in Colombia, where the Gachala Emerald was found in, we envisage our house blend like a gemstone hidden in the heartlands of the Queenstown HDB area, waiting to be discovered. And to those who have already unearthed this gemstone, you'll be greeted with a sophiscated yet mellow cup of coffee. Known for its Gula Melaka impression, you'll find our house blend Gachala giving you a soothing and memorable coffee drinking experience.
50% Colombia Garzon Microlot
50% Guatemala La Providencia
Roasted for Espresso