Cafede Kona V60 Glass Dripper

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Cafede Kona

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Enjoy the pour over brewing process with the Cafede Kona range of V60 drippers. The V60 pour over method is a method where hot water is poured in concentric circles over coffee grounds, to be passed through a filter paper. It is designed as a 60 degree cone shaped apparatus to deliver the best possible coffee extraction perimeters. Among all other brewing methods, the V60 is an exceptionally delicate and gentle coffee extraction process, and delivers a clean, refined, cup of coffee that retains the subtle coffee flavour notes from your favourite single origin coffees or blends. Applicable for use over a range of coffee grind sizes. Consult your local coffee roaster on the best grind size to apply for their particular roast.

Achieve perfect extraction with the grooved surface.

Thick tempered glass for heat resistence.

Detachable PP base that you can fit to any v60 holders.