Sarnies Coffee Singapore

‘Sarnies’ began its life four years ago in a relaxed little café in downtown Singapore. Since then, we've expanded from our flagship store Sarnies Café into multiple locations, building a stellar reputation along the way for making the best coffee in the region. 

Inspired by the regulars of Sarnies Café, our dedicated team of baristas devised a plan to bring the whole ‘seed to cup’ process under their wing, thus ensuring a perfect cup of coffee for visitors new and old, no matter when or what time of day.

With their passion for the perfect coffee in hand, the team sought out the finest beans and set out to work on establishing a state of the art micro-roastery in Singapore.

Today, even with the ever-increasing number of coffee fanatics in Asia, great specialty coffee is still tough to find. Our team has made a point to step it up – we endeavour to perfect the art of roasting and continually educate ourselves on the latest and best coffee-making techniques, in order to produce an authentic brew so good, your taste buds won’t want to drink anything else! 

We are thrilled to be able to share our passion with the world, and are honoured to have worked our way into the hearts of local coffee connoisseurs. Notably in 2015, Sarnies was nominated by City Nomads for Best Coffee Roasters, and we've been number one on Bean Hunter’s top 10 cafes in Singapore.

This is the story of A Stimulant by Sarnies. We care, nourish and develop the bean from seed to cup. Making sure you are getting the very best experience every time you take a sip of our product, our baby, our coffee.

Are you ready to #GetStimulated?