Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

We're a couple of guys who fell in love with coffee and decided to leave our cushy engineering jobs to open a cafe and roasterie in our hometown, Calgary, Canada. We now strive to push the bar of coffee higher every day.

Our dream of opening a café began in 2004. At that time, we were working as engineers and became home espresso aficionados. Through a combination of online searches, selective reading and a great deal of travel, we discovered that there was a special coffee world that did not exist in Calgary.   It was only known to those few lucky ones who made the trip to these unique places.

We spent 2005 and 2006 traveling, visiting cafes and roasteries, meeting owners and picking their brains. Finally, in December of 2006, we were able to secure a spot at the Calgary Farmers' Market, and we opened our doors on March 30, 2007.   

In 2009, we opened our roasterie.  We currently travel each year to visit the producers in all 12 nations where we source our coffee.  100% of our coffee is directly purchased from quality focused farmers.  We import the coffee in-season, and work with producers at origin to improve quality and consistency while focusing on environmental and social improvement in those communities.

618 Confluence Way SE

Calgary, AB T2G 0G1