Fidalgo Coffee Roasters

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters


Fidalgo Coffee Roasters is a specialty-only house. This means we only work with specialty grade coffees as defined and classified by SCA classification , coffee that is free of primary defects and with a notable taste. Fidalgo Coffee buys from origin both conventional specialty and FTO (fair trade, organic) specialty coffees. Fidalgo buys from co-op producers and from small owner operator producers for coffees like Fidalgo 9 Bar, Colombia Single Farm Micro-Lot and Ethiopia Micro-Lot. Fidalgo Coffee has a direct-trade partnership with Finca Alta Mira in Honduras where Fidalgo purchases this farm’s entire crop each year. This program has been in effect since 2014. The Fidalgo Roastery meets or exceeds all EPA, Washington State Department of Agriculture and OSHA requirements.


Fidalgo supports sustainable production at the producer by buying and selling certified organic, fair trade certified, shade grown coffees. Fidalgo Coffee is a licensee of Fair Trade USA . All of Fidalgo Organic Coffees are also certified fair trade by Fair Trade USA. Fidalgo verifies its shade-grown coffee by company sponsored farm visits and photos from its buyer’s farm visits to source country of origin.


Quality in the cup. Fidalgo roasts in small batches—as small as 2-pounds and up to 200-pounds. We roast in two traditional European made cast iron drum roasting machines—a 120 kilo Joper and a 5 kilo Joper. These roasters are outfitted with proprietary software and controls which help us track and react to the coffee as we roast. Unroasted green coffee is a dynamic agricultural product and our roasting team are able respond to subtle changes in coffee crops and types of coffees in order to provide the best and most consistent quality to our customers. We welcome tours by appointment.


Fidalgo roasts from the first to second crack. You'll see this with our roasting designation from: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark. All coffee packages feature a Roasted On date as well as a Best By date.

220 2nd Ave South #224, Seattle, WA 98122

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