Extract Coffee Roasters

Extract Coffee Roasters

One simple mission. Make Coffee Better. Better for farmers, better for roasters, better for baristas, better for drinkers. We travel the world sourcing the best coffee. It’s an unending endeavour and one we love.

We believe in building long-term, sustainable relationships with our farmers based on a quality-pays ethos. This means paying premiums higher than fair trade in return for exceptional quality coffee.

Since 2007 we've been sharing knowledge and building relationships with farmers we are proud to call our friends.

It's not just about sourcing ethically, we believe in doing our bit to operate ethically here in the UK too. This means recycling coffee waste into bio-fuels, a move to 100% recyclable paper cups and salvaging old roasters from scrap restoring them to a higher efficiency than when new.

Roastery Works, 1 Gatton Road

Bristol, United Kingdom

Extract Coffee Roasters