Smoky Quartz - Seasonal Espresso Blend (Coffee Beans)

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Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

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Sweet brown sugar and roasted hazelnuts on black. Creamy peanut butter, malty mouthfeel, caramel and chocolate hazelnut bar on milk. Following our gemstone series, Smoky Quartz is created with the intention of offering an even stronger and darker flavors than our Jet Candy espresso blend. With coffee beans that has the lowest acidity in our inventory, you'll get to experience dark chocolate-y, BBQ-ed nutty flavors.

The espresso blend naming coincides with our gemstone series, where we describe the flavor profile of our espresso blends with a corresponding gemstone. Smoky Quartz is a dark-opaque colored gemstone, which aptly describes the flavors of this blend.

50% India Monsooned Malabar
50% Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa
Roasted for espresso