Signature Blend - Brazil & Lintong (Coffee Beans)

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Country of Origin:
Brazil Santos
Indonesia Mandheling Lintong (Grade 1 Triple Picked)

Processing Method:
Natural & Giling Basah 

Sweet, Creamy & Smooth

Fresh Herbs, Grapefruits, Chocolate and Walnuts

Gentle Citrus Acidity

Why we liked it:
This is one of the most versatile and balanced coffee. Perfect for espresso and milk based beverages.

The Brazilian coffee is awesome for its rich and creamy mouthfeel and it pair beautifully with our Triple-Picked Mandheling Lintong.

The resulting cup is rich in aromas of chocolate, earth and nuts with a mild citrusy note that reminds us of grapefruits. 

For the geeks:
Sumatra produces some of the most striking and recognizable profiles in the coffee world: earthy, full and packed with cedar and spice.

A unique method used in production results in a very full body with a concentrated flavor, garnished with herbal nuances and a spicy finish. Giling Basah, the traditional Sumatran method of processing coffee, involves hulling the parchment off the bean at roughly 50 percent moisture content, versus the 10 to 12 percent moisture level that's common in most other regions.

This unique process results in a distinctive flavor profile: a full body, low acidity, spicy, herbal and chocolate flavor notes, and a richness that lingers on the back of the palate.

The Grade 1 Triple-Picked distinction is, as one might guess, hand sorted three times, which results in a very consistent cup that includes only perfectly ripe fruit.