Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Coffee Beans)

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Country of Origin:
South Africa, Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Processing Method:

Citrus, Juicy, Light to Medium Body

Vibrantly Floral, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Blueberries


Why we like it:
We love this coffee to bits! It has one of the most complex and intense mix of floral and fruity aromas that is sure to ignite your senses.

You know when you’re drinking Ethiopian Yirgacheffe—it’s not like other coffees. To those who never venture beyond Central American roasts, the taste may seem as exotic as it’s origins. We imagine some wise, old sage sitting upon a cliff proclaiming: “Entry to coffee geekdom starts with a cup of Yirgacheffe.”

For the geeks:
Yirgacheffe (also spelled Yirgachefe, Yergacheffe, or Yerga Chefe) is a micro-region within the much larger region of Sidama (or Sidomo) in southern Ethiopia. It is widely considered the birthplace of coffee.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a light to medium body (although they can be full body as well). As is typical with other coffees from this region, it has a distinctively fruity flavor profile and a bright, floral aroma thanks to wet-processed beans cultivated at a high elevation (between 5,800 to 6,600 ft).