El Salvador Santa Ana (Coffee Beans)

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Country of Origin:
El Salvador - Santa Ana

Processing Method:
Washed Process

Round Body, Clean

Honey, Melon, Grapefruit, Hint of Spice

Bright, Sweet Acidity

Why we liked it:
Sweet, rich, balanced. Gentle wine-tones, fruit and low-key floral notes run through aroma and cup, rounding toward milk chocolate in the finish.

For the geeks:
The Santa Ana label is reserved for coffees grown at some of the highest lots of Finca el Manzano. These coffees coffee take longer to ripen and result in a cup with more complex acidity and floral aromas.

El Salvador is a small Central American country that sits just below Guatemala. El Salvador is largely covered by mountainous terrain, which provides high altitudes and nutrient rich volcanic soils. This allows for optimal coffee growing conditions. These beans are sourced from small, family owned plantations that are in the highly elevated jungles of Santa Ana. Koffee Cartel prides themselves on having personal relationships with farm owners, as the founders are originally from El Salvador. Portions of Koffee Cartel's profits are invested in clean water and healthcare efforts in El Salvador.