How To Use A French Press For Coffee?

How To Use A French Press For Coffee?

Ebenezer HengNov 3, '20

Do you want to try enjoying your coffee, especially enjoying its benefits? Perhaps you want to try brewing to a whole new level and learn other ways to make a perfect cup of coffee. Why don’t you try using a French Press coffee maker and love the earthy, finest, and rich taste in your daily dose of coffee? 

 In this article, you will learn how to use a French Press for coffee and make a flavorful coffee to balance your French Toast or the breakfast of your choice.

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How does French Press Work? 

 For a beginner or if you’re not familiar with French Press yet, you have to think of it as simple and a piece of cake task to do. When you use it the right way, this coffee maker will get you a perfect cup of joe. It is a common method of steeping the coffee grounds in hot water in the beaker.

 As long as you’re not using those cheap coffee beans, then everything will turn out fine. 

However, many people use the French Press in the wrong way. When this happens, there’s a big chance that it will ruin the brew as it sends off the coffee grounds into your water and destroy your drink. Worst? Your mood and perhaps, your morning. Yes, it’s kind of ironic. Knowing it’s among the popular way of brewing nowadays. 

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 Step-by-Step Process of Using a French Press the Right Way

 To avoid confusion regarding using a French Press for coffee, read down below for its simple and basic method. 

  • Step 1: Gathering of Materials 

 First, you have to gather all the materials needed. You will need coffee or coffee grounds, hot water, and the French Press. 

  • Step 2: Preheating 

 The first thing that you’re going to do is to preheat your French Press. You need to know that this is an important step in all brewing methods. You only have to add water to the press. 

  • Step 3: Weighing and Measuring of Coffee Grounds

 This can be a crucial part, as whatever you measure may depend on your coffee press size. You can use a coffee grinder to have fresh and fine grind beans. 

  • Step 4: Preheat the French Press

 This part can be optional. However, this is the part where you also weigh or measure and even check the temperature. Once the water is heated up, carefully pour it into the beaker of the French Press. 

  • Step 5: Combining of Coffee Ground and Hot Water

 Once the water is in the beaker, pour the ground coffee into the bottom and slowly shake it to level out the grounds. 

  • Step 6: Stir and Start the Timing 

 Put the lid on to help insulate the press, as it keeps the heat inside as you brew. Meanwhile, set your timer and wait for a while. The normal coffee press steep time would take up to 4 minutes, but you can just adjust it later to suit your needs. 

  • Step 7: Pressing the Plunger Down 

 When the time is up, you only have to press the plunger down slowly. You have to press it down all the way, or else your coffee will continue to brew, which will lead to over-extraction. 

  • Step 8: Decant Coffee and Serve 

 Before you enjoy your cup of coffee, I recommend that you decant the coffee first because more flavors will be pulled out when the coffee remains in the container. Once done, you can already drink and enjoy your cup. 



 Don’t miss the chance of drinking a flavorful and rich cup of coffee. Learning how to use a French Press for coffee will prevent you from failing in doing the process. And with that, I hope you now understand the proper way of doing a French press. It’s now time to upgrade your coffee. 

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